Thursday 15 December 2011

Bicing subscription increases to 40 Euro + 4 Euro Insurance

via "Bicing will have a compulsory, 4-euro insurance policy":
"Bicing users will have to take out a mandatory 4-euro insurance policy that covers third-party claims, first-party damage and injury, and legal assistance. This is in addition to the rise in the Bicing charge from 35 to 40 euros announced among the new public-sector charges for 2012."
The article also points out that this will rise further in the future until the users are covering 40% of the cost of the service, with the current change they are now paying 25%.

The increase in costs is 15% excluding the insurance. At the same time the city managed to reduce the cost of bicing from 13850000 Euro by 350000 Euro, which is a decrease of 2%.

As I personally don't live in the bicing zone any more, I have to reconsider continuing with my subscription. I am going to continue using it next year, but there are is certainly a limit I am willing to pay per month.

I am also not happy with the compulsory insurance policy, unless the legal assistance will help me with ridiculous charges by the police. I fear this is just money going to the insurance company without any benefits to the user.

More information about the change also on

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