Tuesday, 27 July 2010

bicing is doing better, but for higher costs - adn.es

ADN has an article with some statistics about bicing:
As a result of the improvements, complaints and claims have fallen by 53%, with an average of 12.8 per 10,000 uses. Calls received in the service number to the subscriber have fallen by 32%. Now receive an average 29 707 per month and in 2009 was 43 623.
They also mention that usage and theft has fallen, but the overall costs have increased.

Friday, 23 July 2010

£140m bike hire scheme is the most expensive in Europe | News

£140m bike hire scheme is the most expensive in Europe | News
At £6 for two hours, Boris hire bikes are costliest in Europe Ross Lydall 23.07.10 Sponsored links Critics today raised concerns about the high cost of hiring a bike under the central London scheme being introduced by Boris Johnson.
As in Barcelona the critics come out of the woodwork. As with house prices, groceries and other living costs you can't compare the prices. £45 seems a lot but is still cheap if you compare it to Tube or bus prices. What people also tend to forget: however rubbish a bike sharing service is, it is always better than not having it.

London Barclays Cycle Hire - How It Works

The London bike sharing program Barclay Cycle has a few videos up on youtube. Here is one to introduce the service: