Sunday, 25 November 2007

new lights for the bikes

It seems bicing has realized that the current lights on the bikes are a bit rubbish. Some of the newer ones now come with a new front light near the axle. This is also a better position if you have your basket full with shoping. The old light has been removed on these bikes.
bicing spotting: #3251

Friday, 23 November 2007

Saltada Popular: Anti-bicing

It seeems that not everybody is quite as happy with bicing & the bicing company as I am. Saltada Popular: Anti-bicing: "Anti-bicing De los derechos hacen negocio. x x Como ha podido constatar la Saltada Popular, para gran alegría de propixs y extrañxs, desde hace aproximadamente siete meses parte de la suciadanía carcelonina* cuenta con un nuevo e innovador medio de transporte público: sí amigxs, se trata del bicing!"

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bicing reaches 3.000.000 uses

Bicing: "EL SERVICIO BICING YA HA HECHO 3.000.000 DE USOS. Continuamos pedaleando. Entre todos ya hemos llegado a los 3.000.000 de usos. Continuamos pedaleando."

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Seguimiento de medios: prensa, radio, televisión, internet y análisis - ACCESO.COM

Concatel is to blame for the bicing website. Seguimiento de medios: prensa, radio, televisión, internet y análisis - ACCESO.COM: "CONCATEL HA DESARROLLADO EL PORTAL WEB PARA BICING Permite al usuario adquirir las tarjetas de abono para el nuevo medio de transporte público en bicicleta en Barcelona. La empresa Concatel, especializada en servicios de Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación para las empresas, ha desarrollado el portal web para Bicing, el nuevo sistema público de transporte individual en bicicleta puesto en marcha en marzo por el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona y Barcelona Serveis Municipals, gestionado por Clear Channel. Concatel, además, realiza el alojamiento en sus instalaciones de toda la infraestructura tecnológica del sistema Bicing. La aplicación web, creada con el gestor de contenidos de Concatel Portal Framework ECM, permite al usuario el pago de las tarjetas de abono anuales, mediante targeta bancaria, para el uso de las bicicletas en distintos puntos de la ciudad, situadas junto a estaciones de metro o aparcamientos de la sociedad B:SM. Una vez introducidos sus datos y realizado el pago, el usuario recibe la tarjeta de abono en la dirección deseada."

News from Spain: Bike hire in Spain

News from Spain: Bike hire in Spain: "Madrid and other Spanish towns are considering introducing 'bicing', based on Barcelona's model of public hire of bicycles Madrid town hall is analysing how to introduce the use of publicly owned bicycles in the city a system already used in Barcelona known as ‘bicing’. Last summer a consultant from Madrid town hall went to Barcelona to study how their model of ‘bicing’ works."

Thursday, 15 November 2007

new stations around diagonal / avda. sarria

these stations where removed from the map again, maybe they are not quite done yet.
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  • Avda. Diagonal,630 (Avda. Sarria)
  • Avda. Diagonal, 634
  • Avda. Diagonal, 650 (Numancia)
  • Avda. Diagonal, 664 (Pl.MŞ Cristina)
  • Avda. Diagonal, 668
  • Carrer de les Corts, 20
  • Comte Bell-lloch, 216
  • Figols, 1
  • Joan Güell,128
  • Taquigraf Serra, 18

bicing spotting: highest number seen = #2788

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

bicing newsletter #7

The new newsletter is out and they mention the 141 stations now available, 2750000 uses of the system and 8000000 km taken on the bikes.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Barcelona made place 10 on 11 Most Bike Friendly Cities in the World

11 Most Bike Friendly Cities in the World – Bicycle friendly cities | Virgin Vacations: "Biking is a great way to become intimate with a city and get excercise at the same time. There are many amazing cities for biking throughout the world - these gems allow you to explore the city at ease and safely. The 11 most accessible and bike friendly cities are listed below, but these are merely a sampling of the bike friendly paradises that exist throughout the world. "
This is mainly because of the bicing service.

Friday, 9 November 2007

The Guàrdia Urbana will inform owners of badly parked bikes posted 08/11/2007 at 16:33 h.

Bikes must not be padlocked to trees, traffic lights, benches or litter bins The Barcelona local police, the Guàrdia Urbana, have started a campaign to inform bike owners of parking restrictions.

Leaflets will be hung on the handlebars, and are to remind owners that, in the case of not complying with the bylaw on circulation of pedestrians and vehicles, they may be reported and the bikes removed.

The leaflet also informs owners of where it is not permitted to leave bikes: trees, traffic lights, benches and litter bins.

Bikes must also not be left in zones reserved for loading and unloading, parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities, by emergency exits, in front of hospitals, by bus stops, or by pedestrian crossings.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

more bicing stations

These are on their map, but not announced yet.

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  • Alfons el Magnanim-Cristobal de Moura
  • Castella - Diagonal
  • Consell de Cent, 6
  • Gavŕ , 1
  • Gran Via, 181
  • Gran Via, 273
  • Joan Güell, 2-4
  • Passeig de Taulat-Bac de Roda
  • Passeig de Taulat - Jonquera
  • Passeig de Taulat - Provençals
  • Quetzal, 22-24
  • Rambla Badal, 129

Sunday, 4 November 2007

some links

mapa bicing blog: another source for a printable up to date map of bicing stations. My (red and) white bicycle (Web only) By Rick Poynor analyzing bicing from a designers point of view Dispensadores de Bicing con problemas more people noticing problems with the bicing system. Europe Loves "Free" Bikes

bicing going to be spanish & catalan only?

Some Stations are only displaying messages in Spanish and Catalan now. I first thought they would just do this for the ones outside the center, but it seems they are changing some in the center too. I don't know why, or what system they are using. People who used the bicing website in the very beginning might remember that it had an english option in the early days. You can still find them with google: english version of news page. Well, this blog stays English, with the odd Spanish, Catalan or German post, if I can't be bothered to translate.

Friday, 2 November 2007

four new stations

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  • c/Nàpols, 343-345 amb Sant Antoni Maria Claret
  • c/Enric Granados, 99
  • c/Aragó, 659 amb c/Clot
  • c/Guipúscoa, 67 amb c /Selva de Mar
Station 27 at Provenca 322 has been broken for one week now bicing spotting: highest bicycle number spotted so far 2544