Wednesday 30 April 2008

last new stations in April

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  • Negrevernís
  • Caponata
  • Santa Amèlia
  • Passatge de Senillosa
  • Castellnou
  • Doctor Roux
  • Carrer de les Escoles Pies
  • Bigaí
  • Artesa de Segre
  • Castanyer
  • Santaló
  • Carrer de Pádua

Friday 25 April 2008

more stations

Post #100 !!!
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  • Radi
  • Jane Adams
  • Reina Victoria
  • Carrer de l'Energia
  • Vallmajor
  • Carrer de la Foneria
  • Pl. Teresa de Claramunt
  • Jardins de Can Ferrero
  • Mare de Déu dels Ports

Highest bike number seen: #8080

Monday 21 April 2008

some new stations

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  • Rambla del Brasil
  • Rambla del Brasil
  • Cáceres
  • Ronda del Guinardó
  • Ciutat d'Asuncion

Tuesday 15 April 2008

Las leyes de Murphy del Bicing | Aglarond Blog

Las leyes de Murphy del Bicing | Aglarond Blog: "1ª Ley General del Bicing En hora punta o en cualquier momento que tengas prisa, no habrá ninguna bicicleta en las paradas más cercanas a tu casa. Esta es la ley universal que se cumple más o menos a rajatabla y que marca a fuego este servicio. A partir de aquí, iban a venir toda una serie de corolarios a la misma… pero serían tantos que he decidido independizarlos."

Sunday 13 April 2008

John is nearly convinced

Inside Europe: Iberian Notes: "I have to admit that Barcelona's 'Bicing' scheme, despite its ridiculous pseudo-English name and my repeated predictions of total failure, is working out pretty well. They've got 130,000 people signed up, and you see people riding the bikes all over downtown. The service is currently being extended to my neighborhood, Gracia, and I guess I'm going to sign up, though I have a bike of my own. I'm still wondering how many inexperienced riders are going to get killed in Barcelona's hellacious traffic."
I guess you have to use it to really know how it changes the way you use and experience Barcelona.  


Statistings provides a google map with better details than the one. There is information about bicycle and parking space availability. For each station you can also get statistics of activity during the day.

Thursday 10 April 2008

ten new stations

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  • Pintor Ribalta
  • Josep Samitier
  • Jiménez Iglesias
  • Travessera de les Corts
  • Doctor Salvador Cardenal
  • Felipe de Paz
  • Tuset
  • Plaça Rovira i Trias
  • Montmany
  • Marie Curie

En Bicing que fa baixada! | El Senyor de les Muntanyes

En Bicing que fa baixada! | El Senyor de les Muntanyes: "El passat 8 d’abril em vaig entretenir a fer una captura de pantalla cada hora aproximadament del mapa de A més vaig comptar les estacions que apareixien en vermell al mapa, és a dir, que no tenien bicicletes disponibles. Tot i les limitacions del sistema d’estudi, que en cap cas vol ser exaustiu, en un primer anàlisi comprovem que Bicing té un 10 % d’estacions contínuament sense bicicletes." Alexis analyzes the state of bicing stations.

Tuesday 8 April 2008

bicing a les 9 del matí

bicing a les 9 del matí
Originally uploaded by Alexis Vizcaino
Alexis Vizaino has a nice series of pictures on flickr, which show the bicing station state during a day.

The Bike-sharing Blog: Rebirth of Bicycling in the U.S.

The Bike-sharing Blog: Rebirth of Bicycling in the U.S.: "The 10 SmartBike DC racks are popping up throughout the city with a soft launch expected in April (maybe Earth Day?) and the full launch in May. The stations are not powered yet, nor are bikes available. This, and the future of bicycling in the U.S., should all change in the next few weeks."
They seem to use the bicing bicycles, with just 10 stations in the beginning.

Thursday 3 April 2008


This site seems to been going since July 2007, but I just discovered it today. The site is about bicing spotting. Everyone can register and then post pictures of bicing bikes in use with the number visible. For every bicycle you post you get points and there are lists with the top posters. The site is done well and available in English, Spanish and Catalan. There don't seem to be many users though, which is a bit of a shame.