Tuesday 3 June 2008

A week for pedalling

A week for pedalling: "Free bike loan, bike checks, and initiation courses are some of the activities for Bicycle Week Whether you are used to cycling or want to start, from 2 to 8 June you have the chance to take part in the activities for Bicycle Week, promoted by different organisations and Barcelona City Council. For those who are not used to cycling or who don't have a bike, this week you can rent a bike, free, to cycle round the city, from 10am to 7pm. You can also sign up for an initiation course, taking place in Barceloneta park, but you must register in advance (biciescola@bacc.info). For regular bike users, you can have your bike checked for free and a breakfast, courtesy of BICIA'T, on Thursday 5 June, and you will receive a small cool bag."

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