Friday 6 June 2008

And I Color Too: Bicing Usage Survey Now Live!

Jon about bicing and his survey:
And I Color Too: Bicing Usage Survey Now Live!: "As part of my ongoing research in 'green computing' I have been working on a project at Telef�nica Research on improving the Bicing system. As a first step in this direction, we have created a Bicing usage survey. Bicing is a shared biking system in Barcelona, Spain (think of it like a shared car system ala ZipCar). Citizens pay 24 Euros a year for the ability to use bikes parked around the city. There are a few really clever ideas that Bicing employs."

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Unknown said...


It looks like your survey tries to establish some relationship between bicing and mobile devices.

As user of bicing, I often found myself without bicing or parking spot. I developed a system to be able to find out where the bikes / spots are through SMS, and recently I made it accessible to everyone. You can find more information at: