Monday 22 October 2007

Traffic bylaw focuses on protecting pedestrians and cyclists

Barcelona will have another 28 kilometres of cycle lanes in the coming months ... "What we want to do by introducing the bylaw is guarantee road safety, for example, by preventing cyclists from going through traffic lights on red or motor vehicles from using lanes reserved for bikes," said Mr Narváez. Apart from reporting on the application of the bylaw, he announced that the Council would create another 28 kilometres of cycle lanes in the city over the next few months. Two-way cycle lanes will be introduced on stretches of a number of streets, including Comte d'Urgell, Provença, Vilamari, Bruc, Muntaner and Ribes. Police statistics During the first month the Guàrdia Urbana penalised 262 cyclists for not respecting traffic lights and 92 for riding incorrectly, for example, on pavements of less than 5 metres or with less than 3 metres free space. They also penalised 273 two- and four-wheeled vehicles parked or stopped in cycle lanes and 483 for driving in a cycle lane. ...
I cut the non-bicycle bits, read the rest at the source. bicing-spotting: highest bike number=2336; new station under construction at: Carrer d'Enric Granados, 103

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