Thursday, 11 October 2007

news from bicing

I wish they had a rss feed for their news. This was translated by google translate 09.10.2007 THE STATION OF THE C/PROVENÇA WITH THE C/ROGER OF LLÚRIA, WILL TEMPORARILY REMAIN OUT OF SERVICE. Until next warning, the Bicing station located in c/Provença nº 322, will remain out of service due to works of electrical canalization in this point. We communicated to you that the Bicing station of c/Provença with c/Roger of Llúria will remain out of service, due to the works of electrical canalization that are being executed in this point 05.10.2007 CHANGES IN THE SOFTWARE OF SYSTEM BICING With the purpose of improving the service they are estan making computer science readjustments that can cause some problems in the stations. During these days some changes are being made in the software of the Bicing system, this fact can cause that some stations are out of service sporadically. Since these problems are of short duration, we recommended to you that you wait for in the station minutes until the system recovers and can use the service. We are working to solve these problems with the greater possible brevity. You excuse the annoyances. 04.10.2007 WE TRANSFERRED STATION NÚM. 56 OF LOCATION. One of the two stations located in the Boulevard nº 3, is transferred to the Av. Vestibule of Sta. Madrona, 2-4. One of the two stations located in the Boulevard nº 3, tomorrow Friday will be out of service, to make the change from location to the Av. Vestibule of Sta. Madrona, 2-4. bicing watch Placa Universidad was broken this morning. Black Screen. Maybe because of the rain. bicing spotting Highest bike number seen so far: #2081
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