Wednesday 11 August 2010

The bicing system upgrade didn't go as well as hoped...

Yesterday bicing tried to upgrade the computer system of the stations and the website, but had to revert to the old version after discovering problems. Annoying as this is, it does not really surprise anyone dealing with computers. The news sites see it as a bigger problem though:
While they are upgrading, I have a wishlist:
  • RSS feed for their bicing news
  • API to access the station data (current and historical)
  • Bring the English version back
  • Better and faster station map on their website, should include bicycle lanes too
Well, I can dream.


Stefan Klumpp said...

What changes did the upgrade include?

Christof Damian said...

Nobody knows :-)

They are trying again today, maybe we will know this evening. At the moment some stations are unavailable again.