Thursday 5 November 2009

BBC - BBC World Service Programmes - One Planet, 05/11/2009

Radio show with the BBC guys and myself talking about bicing and cycling in general:

BBC - BBC World Service Programmes - One Planet, 05/11/2009: "Also in this week's show, we meet up with Barcelona resident and One Planet listener Christof Damian. He persuades Mike to get on his bike and go for a ride - something many of us in the One Planet office have been wanting to tell Mike for a while. We also hear about cycling in Shanghai and New York. Thanks to all of you who posted your thoughts and ideas about bicycling on our Facebook page, we tried to weave as many as we could into the show."

What you don't hear: us trying three different bicing stations and about ten bikes until we find three working specimen, the mad ride down the Ramblas and annoying buskers next to the restaurant.

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