Wednesday 14 October 2009

bicing fail

I haven't had this for a while, but today it happened again.

I tried to use a bicycle in the morning (station #27), but the bike was broken so I placed it back into the anchor. Then the station started blinking yellow and blocked the bike. There was no functional bike left, so the station said so. When I hold my card against the reader I was told that I already had a bike.

When I arrived at work by foot I contacted bicing, I also send them photos of the bicycle and station. Even though I did so they still charged me 10.50 Euro for 4h 5m. Thank god it isn't that much, but I can understand how people are angry if it happens often.

In the end it was not my fault, but the cause of a broken bicycle and a station not working correctly. The other problem was the slow reaction time, I contacted them in the first two hours, not after four.

Maybe they should raise the yearly fee instead of introducing these hidden costs.

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