Sunday 8 February 2009

Bicing Barcelona Sucks!

Bicing Barcelona Sucks!
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Anonymous said...

They are absolutely right... I wonder if bicing has a page of complaints... Today i had to go through 5 bicycles in a row (!!!! no kidding) to get a functioning bike.. ridiculous..

Heraclitus said...

I agree, the worst two things, and I just name two that could be quite easily solved, are:

1. Put a bloody Google Maps that is importable into "My Maps" on my Google Maps account so that I can use my GPS phone to locate the nearest station. Absurd and pathetic that they don't provide a better mobile phone (smart phone) service since that google map is working on their website.

2. What kind of nasty mushrooms these deranged minds had to come up with the decision of blocking the night use of Bicing!!?? I mean, right when ALSO the metro abandons you!!!

Christof Damian said...

Hey Legba,

try this link: bicingwatch api google maps link.

It isn't official, but maybe it is enough for you.

And I agree on the night use, though I think they are open all night on the weekend now.

Christof Damian said...

Oh, and the link doesn't show the station state at the moment. I should work on that.

Heraclitus said...

It was badly written.

I fixed it: