Friday 16 January 2009

Cyclists had 492 accidents in Barcelona in 2008, a 11.3% increase

Los ciclistas sufrieron 492 accidentes en Barcelona en 2008, un 11,3% más This is with an increase of 13% in bicycle usage. 124 of the bicycle accidents were related to bicing. The city council is planning to build more cycle lanes like in C/Urgell to make cyclist feel safer.


Gololo said...

I was one of the accidents :P
The front wheel of my bike fell off and it came to a sudden stop in 0.1 secs. I hit myself with the front part of the bike on my chest, went over it and hit the ground with my face.
I didn't loose conciousness, but was about too. I had a cut and lots of blood. I was taken to the hospital to get some stitches in that cut, and x-ray to check my head.
Not a very good experience...

Christof Damian said...


I have a friend who had a similar experience, he was riding a bicing bike and suddenly the handlebar moved all the way to the front and he fell head over onto the street. He just hurt his arm, but still not a very pleasant occurrence.

I have been lucky so far, but have had several bikes with loose handlebars and brakes.