Monday 4 February 2008

16 new stations

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  • c/Doctor Fleming con c/Bori i Fontestà
  • c/Doctor Fleming con c/Santa Fe de Nou Mèxic
  • c/Madrazo con c/Santaló
  • c/Rector Ubach con c/Muntaner
  • c/Gran de Gràcia, 155 (delante parada de metro Fontana).
  • c/Canó con c/Travessera de Gràcia
  • c/Santacreu, 2 (Plaza de la Virreina).
  • c/Sant Crist con c/Cros
  • c/Laforja con c/Aribau
  • Plaza del Norte, 5
  • c/Nil Fabra con c/Benito Pérez Galdós
  • c/Secretari Coloma con c/Pi i Maragall
  • c/Vilà i Vilà con c/Mata
  • c/Nou de la Rambla con Passeig de Montjuïc
  • Paseo de la Exposición con c/Blasco de Garay
  • c/Sancho de Ávila con c/Badajoz

bike spotting: #4905


Pablo said...

The last Saturday 16/2/08 use bicing other times. I left the bike anchored in Ramblas of Catalonia and Consell de Cent after 20 minutes in Barcelona. Expect to be put red light and went. Two days after attempt to catch a new bike and tell me that I have not returned the previous !!!???? That would certainly be recorded as stolen and not that I have returned, and have to pay a significant figure. THIS IS AN sheat!!!!! I have the complaint in the police and they tell me that they spend a lot and do nothing. As a taxpayer and the city council paid users also must be responsible for their theft? Their ill-security systems?
If so we have to do something!

Christof Damian said...

I had this happening to me once too. I always check the bike is secured and locked in, but they also told me that I had not.

I didn't have to pay a fine though. Bicing is getting more strict with this, but I have to agree with you that they should make sure that their systems are in order before charging their users.