Friday 4 January 2008

More on the new bikes

I saw bike #4192 (and #9) today and had a look at the changes. I didn't have my camera with me, so pictures will have to wait.

As I mentioned before: the obsolete lamp holder in the front was removed. The new bikes also have a new gear shifter, which looks a bit more robust. The biggest change is to the front brake, which was replaced by a drum brake. These should be more reliable than the old brake. Drum brakes work better in the rain, don't need as much adjustments and don't have the problem of stolen brake pads.

#4192 got me thinking today: bicing just announced that they have 3000 bicycles in service. Does that mean that 1192 bikes got stolen or broken?

btw: my bicing card worked again today, after reentering my credit card information in the online system. It is the same card, so it is a bit strange.

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